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Jacksonville University Academic Advisors

Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences

Once you are enrolled in your online program, an Academic Advisor will be assigned to you. Academic Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. When you contact your advisor, please make sure to use your JU email address.

Advisors Last Names Contact Information
Cynthia Larsen A,D,K,R,T Email:
Phone: 904-256-7605
Jessica Lee B,C,I,V,Y Email:
Phone: 904-256-7941
Julia Van Arsdale L,M,N,P,X,Z Email:
Phone: 904-256-7296
Marie Peoples E,H,J,O,W Email:
Phone: 904-256-7594
Megan Harmon F,G,S Email:
Phone: 904-256-7839
Dr. Wayne Mier MSHI-ALL & MSN/BSN: Q,U Email:
Phone: 904-256-8933
Lindsay Wise (Hadden) Cohorts Only Email:
Phone: 904-256-7658