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What is a BSN Degree?

By Bisk
Top Reasons to Earn Your BSN Degree

As an RN, you're in high demand. Now imagine yourself as an RN with a BSN degree. You've enhanced your skill set in a field that requires and rewards advanced skills. Now you're in even higher demand.

As a nurse with a BSN degree, not only will you have new opportunities in today's competitive job market, but you'll also have the most desirable ones. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing allows you to move from the level of technical nursing practice to the level of professional nursing practice.

You may already be working in a specialization like cardiac care, case management, neonatology, ICU or emergency room, and you need additional skills to move up. Or, you might be thinking about a new challenge. A BSN degree offers you the most flexibility, especially in this tough economy, when promotions are not as plentiful. Now more than ever, you need to stand out above your colleagues vying for the same position.

What Additional Skills Will I Acquire With My BSN?

A BSN degree provides you with a broad education in management and leadership – two knowledge bases employers actively seek. If you work for a Magnet designated facility, a BSN degree may be essential if you want to move to a management role. Leadership skills serve as an asset when you lead a task force or are part of a committee. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing education can provide you with the insight and confidence to excel in these settings.

As a nurse, you focus not only on a health problem, but also on the patient and how he/she responds to the treatment. The objective is to provide excellent, informed patient care. A BSN offers you a broad base of scientific knowledge that's indispensable. Improved clinical skills and assessment skills are basic requirements to practice in the healthcare system of tomorrow. This means nurses with a BSN degree are – and will continue to be – in high demand.

Does a BSN Degree Improve My Bottom Line?

If you are fortunate enough to receive a salary boost for a BSN, it may be approximately $1.00 per hour.* A BSN degree may get you a rung higher in your clinical ladder program. Or, a baccalaureate degree could land you a job in the ICU, ED or the OR where there may be a specialty pay differential. In personal, professional and financial terms, a BSN is the key whether you are a bedside expert or hospital manager.

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*RN Magazine 2009 Nurse Earnings Survey, April 2009

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