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Career Advancement and Success

By Bisk


My name is Jamie Daugherty I am 44 years old. And I am from Brooksville, Florida.

My name is Meosha James. I am from Chesapeake, Virginia.

My name is Edna Lawson. I currently reside in Melbourne, Florida.

I'm Connie Hartley and I'm from Jacksonville, born and raised here.

I'm Debbie Hallam and I'm from Jacksonville Beach, Florida now. I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

I chose to go back to get my BSN because I've been a nurse for 24 years and this is going to be my forever career.

I finally finished my Masters after being a nurse for 32 years.

I decided to return to school to complete a long term goal that had not been met and to move forward in my career.

I did 24 years with a diploma RN. It has never held me back professionally. But the change in the economy, I started to get a little fearful. Because if I'm going to have to market myself, I wanted to be able to market myself with a Bachelor's degree.

I have already advanced in my job. I've taken another position at my current job.

After going back to school, after many years, it was difficult. I was really kind of worried that I would be able to do this.

I had access to great support staff through the counselor that I had, Renee. She was very, very supportive.

There was always someone there. Even when it was really tough and you're on the phone going, "I just cannot do another class." They're saying, "Oh, yes you can." So I thought that was very, very, very helpful.

I had a great advisor. She walked me through all the process and the steps, helped me stay together. When I thought I was melting, she always called and got me back on track.

They really helped me be a success.

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