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Jacksonville University Spring 2016 Commencement

By Bisk on June 17, 2016

Jacksonville University recently held its Spring 2016 commencement ceremony at its main campus in Jacksonville. Watch as three MSN graduates discuss their experience in the program and their individual motivations for pursuing their MSN degree.

Video transcript:

Congratulations graduates, parents, loved ones and educators.

Hi, my name is Sarah Glaus, as of today I am an MSN JU graduate. And I'm also a full-time teacher back in Wisconsin and a full-time single mom to four amazing kids. There's several reasons that I decided to get my MSN.

I knew that working on the floor full-time wasn't going to be a good option for me for a few years. But I loved teaching and it was important to me to have a good career in nursing, that I could provide for my kids and something I could be proud of.

I am Cindy Holcomb, I am a wife, I'm a mother. And now I'm a second time graduate from Jacksonville University, with my Masters Degree in Nursing. I had been an Associate Degree nurse for about 20 years. And finally just had an "aha" moment that I needed to go back to school and get my bachelor's. And while I was in the groove of the program it just seemed like the right time to just to keep moving forward and finish my masters.

Has declared you worthy of the Master's Degree.

My actual goal in healthcare is to be a Chief Quality Officer and in order to maintain that in the organization you must first start with a Master's Degree to obtain a directors level position. And so this program was a perfect fit because it offered that master's in nursing along with that leadership in healthcare. I'm Melissa Morgan, I'm a wife, a mother, a nurse and now a Jacksonville University graduate.

One of the things that I look for in a program was one that I could do 100% online. And then, also I wanted to be part of a university that was a bricks and mortar university, and as I did my research, Jacksonville kept coming up.

I actually enrolled at the program here for my MSN in 2013, started that fall and then I ended up getting a job six months into my master's program because of this program as an instructor and I've been doing that ever since.

This is your thing called life. You get to do it one time, make it yours.

I'm grateful to JU and everybody that's helped me, all the great professors here. The education is phenomenal and it will get you to your professional goals and it will get here very quickly.  Hooray!


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