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Why JU?

By Bisk


Hi. I'm Dr. Carol Barnett. I'm chair of the humanities department in Jacksonville University.

My name's Christopher Missler, and I'm from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Hi. My name is Darlene Hunter. I am from Elk Grove California.

My name is Lauren Annis, and I'm from Jacksonville, Florida.

I'm Chad Shindler. I live in Jacksonville.

I chose JU because one of the nurses that I work with just graduated the BSN online program and she really liked it. So I chose to go to JU, and I'm glad I did.

I chose JU because I was looking for a college with a flexibility with a busy lifestyle.

When I was looking for different programs, JU just seemed to have the best one that worked for my lifestyle.

JU was the best option for me. JU offered everything that I needed, and they had the accreditation that I was seeking.

I chose Jacksonville University because I really wanted to go on, and planning on going on, for my master's degree in the emergency nurse practitioner program.

Jacksonville University has many things to offer in their online RN to BSN program. We have one of the most successful traditional nursing programs in the US. Also, our online program has a very high rate of success for our students.

The best interaction with me and my professors was that they were always accessible.

I think the quality of the education is really, really good. They're more about the students and what you're learning in the classes.

We work very diligently, the faculty does, to connect with our students.

Jacksonville really works with the students and for the students to help them complete their goals.

As I say, it's more like a community than it is a classroom.

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