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Catching up with Jamie Daugherty

By Bisk
Catching up with Jamie Daugherty

Less than a year after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Jacksonville University, Jamie Daugherty already is seeing its benefits.

“Since graduating I have been given more opportunities in clinical education, precepting, special projects, and assisting in some supervisory roles and processes,” said Daugherty, who works in maternity risk management for a private insurance company.

A nurse for 24 years, Daugherty chose JU’s 100% online program when she made the decision to earn her bachelor’s degree.

The flexibility and convenience of the online courses made it easier for Daugherty to balance schoolwork with her work responsibilities. In fact, she was able to integrate some of her assignments into her work role.

“A lot of classes allowed you to pick the topic you wrote about,” Daugherty said.  “Whenever possible, I choose topics related to pregnancy or medical conditions that can directly or indirectly impact pregnancy. 

“For my capstone project I did a PowerPoint slide on hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that can cause weight loss and dehydration) that I presented to my supervisors and peers,” Daugherty said. “The educational resource tool I created is frequently used as a guide when providing education to hyperemesis patients.”

Daugherty said that Community Focused Professional Nursing and Nursing Leadership and Health Care Policy were the courses that “have had the most impact on my day-to-day work.”

One of her favorite classes was an elective, Holistic Nursing.

That class, she said has “been helpful in patient education.”

“Many patients want to try alternative options to conventional treatment and in this class I was able to experience some options that I can suggest as an alternative to my patients,” Daugherty said.

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The Day-to-Day

At work, Daugherty handles “inpatient reviews for high-risk maternity patients who are admitted for pregnancy related complications.”

“We evaluate each patient to see if they could benefit from case management services, home health care services, or referrals to other matrix partners within our company,” Daugherty said. “We arrange for home care services including nursing care, parenteral nutrition, intravenous fluids, and anti-emetic pumps.”

In addition to new knowledge about her profession, Daugherty said, “I feel that having my BSN has improved my verbal skills as well as my writing skills.”

This has proven to be a mixed blessing, however.

“In fact, I have been tasked with policy writing,” she said, “which is an absolute bore.”  

She is optimistic that her degree will lead to even greater career advancement in the future.

“Hopefully this will lead to opportunities down the road but currently it is working in my favor to have me exposed to upper management,” Daugherty said.

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